The Ring of Results is the Only Way to Get Yourself to Take Action!

by Nate Truman



“You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.”
Zig Ziglar


Are you a failure in some aspect of your life? You just can’t lose weight and get in shape, or you can never get organized?  Do all of your relationships end in disaster?  Do you often think if you could just get a break, a small sucees, THEN you could turn things around?

Do you all ready know what you should be doing today, but tell yourself that you will start tomorrow, or right after the next cookie or after watching some TV?  Chances are you don’t need anything to turn these “failures” into successes except one thing.

The right BELIEF.   Think of something you are successful at every time, every day. 

It can be as simple as driving to work.  When you get in your car, are you CERTAIN you are going to make it to your workplace?  I understand most people don’t think that getting to work is a success, but the reason you can do it without hesitation is that you BELIEVE you will be fine, even though logically you know there is always a risk.   Why is that?

I call it the Ring of Results.

You set a goal (get to work), you take action (you get in your car and go), you get results (you arrive safely again), which then reinforces your belief that you can successfully get to work every day.  Now I know there are people who have had car accidents, that don’t share that certainty that they will be able to do that, and can end up so afraid that they quit their job or get someone else to drive them.  So your beliefs are based on your results, good or bad.

The key to getting the ring of results rolling in the right direction towards your goals is to create the results you desire in your head first.   If you can see in your minds eye all ready achieving your goal, that will create in your subconscious a belief that you will be able to get there.  That belief will tap more of your potential and in turn will drive you to take more action.  That larger action will create positive results, which then strengthens your belief that you can achieve your goal!

Truly believing that you can achieve some result  before you achieve it  is the key to starting the ring of results rolling.  Once you convince your mind, your inner potential will be energized; you will take massive action because you want that result you absolutely KNOW you are going to achieve.  That action will start showing results, and those real results will strengthen your belief that you can achieve even more!

So start the ring rolling in the right direction by visualizing yourself  all ready having the results you want.  Picture it, focus on it, feel it in your soul that it has all ready happened. Unleash your mind from uncertainty, you have achieved your goal all ready.   Once you feel you have this image clearly in your mind, you will want to take massive action toward that goal, because the more you do, the faster you will fulfill your minds belief.  Start with certainty in your heart and mind, and you will create the future you envisioned for yourself!

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By Nate Truman

1091624_success_succeed_business_money_sign“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller


Money, power, fame, sex.  Do you want these things?  I don’t believe you do.

You don’t want money or power; you want the security and freedom they allow you in life. 

You don’t want fame or attention from the opposite sex; you want the confidence and pleasure you believe they would bring you.  

So I will grant you all of your desires right now.  With or without money and power, you have the same level of  security that you will be alive tomorrow.  So you have as much security as the rich and powerful.  You have all the freedom you want, as you must choose how to spend your infinite now just like the richest and most powerful persons on the planet.   If anything, money and power rob you of  much of your freedom and time each day.  You are an amazing creation, unlike any other in the universe.  There is no reason for you to not be supremely secure in the understanding that you have a purpose to fulfill, and you have the freedom to pursue it with or without  riches or an exaulted postion.

Fame and beauty are so fleeting they often come and go, and leave the recipients more insecure than they were before.   So instead I give you the understanding that you can decide right this moment to be as confidant as you want to be.  Confidence is a decision.

You can get in touch with your inner beauty and share it with the world.   When she was alive, Mother Theresa in physical terms would not be  considered beautiful, but I dare you to look at photos of her and not see her inner beauty shining out of her eyes!  

In your mind, was Helen Keller cursed or blessed by being born blind, deaf and “dumb?”  She understood that even a silent and dark world was filled with beauty that could not be seen or heard or touched.

You have a connection to the universe inside of your heart.  You must release yourself from striving after goals that, in the end, are no more than dissipating smoke. Then you can begin to identify those needs you truly have for enjoying this gift of life. Only then will you be pursuing  Life’s Ultimate  Goal.


by Nate Truman

joy fountain“The great teachings unanimously emphasize that all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us; we don’t have to gain, develop, or attain them. We’re like a child standing in a beautiful park with his eyes shut tight. We don’t need to imagine trees, flowers, deer, birds, and sky; we merely need to open our eyes and realize what is already here, who we really are — as soon as we quit pretending we’re small or unholy.”






Are you a “Joy Fountain?”  You are capable of choosing to be joyful every moment.  With each exchange with someone there is a choice.  You are in control of your decisions, not others, not the world, not fate.   If someone insults you, you can decide to return insult for insult, or you can decide to decline their “gift.”  Then it will still belong to the person who wanted to “give” it to you.   

Give only love, and don’t accept “gifts” of hate or guilt.  Instead offer grace in exchange, they are wounded people dealing with their own struggles.


A fountain flows, leaps, and sparkles, no matter who is watching it.

The next time you see a fountain in a park or public place, go and sit for a few minutes, and watch people’s reactions.

There will probably be children who marvel at the shooting waters. They want to point it out to their mother or friends.  The want to splash and swim in it.  Their innate urge is to dive into the joy and beauty.


There will probably be the timid adults who sit on the edge and dip in a finger, after making sure no one is looking.  Other’s may make a wish and toss in a coin.


The grumpy person will be frustrated that he has to walk around the fountain.  He might stare at the ground to make sure he doesn’t slip and frowns at the kids that are “in the way.”


In your circle of influence you can spout love and joy all the time, regardless of how people respond to your positive fountain.   Each time you consciously choose a loving positive response to another person, the change will be inside of you.  You are a wondrous one of a kind creation.  With each decision to honor the preciousness of others by choosing to see the good in them, or to offer kindness instead of selfishness, you improve your life.   So decide to sparkle, dance, and splash joy today. Become a Joy Fountain!

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autismsunday01by Nate Truman

“Chaos is in fact just an illusion created by your inability to perceive the order in which things truly are.” Alyson Bradley, Autistic blogger.

As a father of a 15 year old son who suffers from severe autism, my family has taken a less traveled path.  As a pastor’s son who grew up with church being a central part of my spiritual and social life, the church has played an important role in my world.

When worlds collide there is always chaos.  However, out of that chaos, I believe great good can come about.   Daniel Dage wrote a blog that very easily could have been about my son Nicholas, and the road we have traveled trying to attend church with an autistic child. 

In many ways we are blessed that Nicky is “easy” compared to many other children. However, the stress, the judging eyes, and just giving up and not going to church are all things my wife and I have dealt with over the years.  As his childlike “cuteness” has faded and he is approaching 15, we know we have unknown challenges ahead.


This one quote from a mom sums up why our really great special needs Sunday school class called “Friends of Angels” is not overflowing with autistic kids:

 “Staying home is a more Holy, peaceful and rejuvenating experience for many families that have children with disabilities. Church is often a hostile, hellish experience where families are segregated or ostracized.”


Wow. The one place that should be a haven for these families, is often the place they are shown the least grace and compassion.  When we were “church shopping” after a move, unlike other families that would just check their kids into the appropriate classrooms, we did things differently.  The family would stay in the car and either my wife or I would go in and ask if they had any special needs teachers, for handicapped kids.  4 out of 5 times we would get a blank stare.   After asking a few other people if there was anyone who could help our “family by the side of the road,” we were often told “well, there’s a crying room.”  We would then drive to the next church.

With the help of another family with three autistic boys, we decided to build a class around our 4 kids.  Often the other father and I would be out in the playground during church when volunteers did not show up so our wives could at least get an hour of worship in.  Over time I have learned what the church needs to reach out to autistic families sucessfully. 

By listening with a differently trained ear over the years, one thing that stands out is that Autism truly is a “spectrum” disorder. Each child has to be included differently based on where they are in the spectrum. There needs to be an educated special needs volunteer or staff member at each church that is knowledgeable and listens to each parent.  That special teacher learns each child so one kid will be properly placed in with the “nurotypicals,” another in a separate class, and yet another in with the other kids, but with a helper.  

What many people don’t understand is the value and character building effect they will have on the whole church body.   Highschoolers who help out are forever changed into kinder people.  Selfishness falls away, and petty “chuch wars” disappear.  These special kids can activate sideline members to be included and find purpose in helping someone who’s problems are far more severe than their own.


Not every mom or dad can rise to the challenge and start a ministry – many are holding on by a thread and really need a lifetime of Christ like care from their church family.    Many churches all ready have classes for the disabled. In the past they were for either physical disabilities or Down syndrome. Autism is a whole new world of variables that won’t fit into a lesson plan.


At the very bottom of the comments one mom put it pretty clearly:
“I think if they (Church volunteers) complained to God about how hard it was that Sunday when my (autistic) son was there, God would have said “Find a way and minister to all my children. Not just the easy ones.” 


It’s not easy when being a Christian urges you to step out and minister to those who seemingly don’t appreciate it, or are not any “fun” to help.    However, I know what answer awaits all the helpers of autistic children and families:


‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’

 The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’