Make Your Personality DNA Work for You, Not Against You!

by Nate Truman




“If I try to be like him, who will be like me?”

 Yiddish proverb


Not until I was a parent for many years to three children, did I realize that each of my kids had a preprogrammed personality that was there from the start.  We each come hardwired with our base personality and those traits just slowly grow in each of us over time.  This is your Personality DNA. 


There are plenty of personality tests on line (see links below) and if you take a few, you will start coming up with the same general profile that often is eerily accurate.  Taking a Jung-Myers-Briggs type test will probably be eye opening for most people.  Are you and extrovert, or introvert? Do you like a stable life and work environment, or change and action?  Money in the bank, or live for the moment?   Do you think constantly of other’s feelings, or do others say you are often disconnected and unfeeling?  These tests can show you how you are wired right now.  Not what you think you are, or what you want to be, but what your deep down programming really is.


Some personality types are drawn to look inside themselves, and they love these sorts of exams, and can make distinctions in their lives to improve in most areas of life, or at least become aware of weaknesses in them that they can work on.  Other types see it as some sort of “feel good mumbo jumbo” and don’t even bother to see if they can learn something with a little Q and A.   If that was your first thought, take the test anyway. Trust me; you will get something out of it.


So your action item today is to spend a little time getting to know the real you and take a few tests online.  Find a description of you and email it to a few close friends and see if they agree.  You will know when you are right when they write back “Oh my gosh, do they KNOW you?”  Once you get a good picture of your basic programming, it can lead you to discoveries on how to handle almost all of your previous roadblocks and conflicts in your life.


How come you start projects but don’t finish? Why can’t you spend any money on yourself?  Why are you always saying “yes” when someone asks for help?  All of these types of actions can be traced to your personality and your core beliefs.


So now you know if you are an ESFP or whatever.  What now?  Once you discover your inner motivations for your outer actions, you can start to change those goals that are not in line with your personality type, and start finding new ways to move toward those goals you have been sabotaging subconsciously.


We all admire good traits we see in others, and it’s usually the ones we don’t have.  I admire those with instant recall of names and events, because I do NOT have that ability.  With a few reminders I can often access the same memories, but never instantaneously.  After I realized that this was not my strong suit, I started taking memory courses and learning tricks to improve my memory.  I did improve in some areas with great focus, but I also learned something; don’t go against your Personality DNA in your goals! 

A great lawyer enjoys their job, and the best have entire law libraries in their heads.  Guess what; if you love combat, competition, and have a great memory, then  being a lawyer is a good line of work for you.  But take that same person and put him into a family counseling or teaching position and you have a terrible match. You don’t want me as your lawyer, or your accountant, trust me! 


You need to be in sync with who you are to be truly happy and successful in your life.  There are successful lives and jobs and relationships out there for every personality type.  Don’t spend your life striving to be someone you are not, instead create the future you desire within the boundaries of who you are.  


There are very successful people in every personality type and they did it by moving towards what they were hardwired for, not fighting it.   Review your life goals and make sure they are goals you truly want, and are not goals that the world has told you are worthy.   Rich and famous for many people would be an unhappy life.  It takes a certain personality type to deal with fans and people who want a piece of you or your estate all the time.   Take the time today to review who you are, and revise your goals accordingly.

Once you stop swimming against the current, you will effortlessly move towards your ideal life!

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