by Nate Truman
God Mind door dreams

“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”

Dr. Dale E. Turner



Dreams are a visionary creation of your imagination. Your dreams are the first step to developing a strongly desired goal or purpose.  To live your life awake and aware, you must have a compelling dream to pull you towards your future.  Each of us has had periods of our lives where things were all on autopilot and we became like zombies just going through the paces of our day.   All of the clutter and distractions of daily survival keep us focused on the seemingly urgent but often unimportant tasks that drain much of our essence.  


If you find yourself being drawn to play video games to shut off your mind, or working on crossword puzzles just to get them done, or eating without thinking, but not getting any real pleasure out of doing these activities, it is a sign that you need to regain your dreams.   These kinds of activities are ways your subconscious mind tries to keep you busy, in a primal survival mode.  Your “God mind” is not engaged. 


Your “God mind” is that higher, immortal part of your consciousness where your dreams and purpose lives.


Take a moment right now to stop everything going on in your head and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind.  Now close your eyes and listen to the sound of your thoughts at rest.  Next, “look” around with your minds eye, and wander over to your dreams.

Dust off a few, and see if you can find one you can work on today. Maybe you will find a brand new one!   “See” yourself taking your dream with you, as you come back to reality.  


Now with your shiny dream in your pocket, take a look at the rest of your day or week.  You should be able to find lots of to-do items that you no longer need or want to do, to free up time to pursue your new dream.   This is your life, don’t just survive today, thrive today!  At any age, no matter your circumstances, you can tap into your God mind for those “untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”

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by Nate Truman

856132_ships_wheelThere is no chance, no destiny, no fate,
that can circumvent or hinder or control
the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

They will set you on a course that you choose. With written goals, you can alter your heading and they will help steer you in a whole new direction. If you currently have goals that you know you will accomplish, I know you all ready have a written list of goals. They probably include long term goals, short term goals, personal goals, fitness goals, spiritual goals, as well as financial and career goals.

But even if you have worked hard at defining what you want in all of these categories, and are checking them off one by one, you may find yourself frustrated. If you sense that the “life ladder” you are busy climbing is possibly leaning against the wrong wall, you need to look at the three most important goals of your life.

Most goal setting programs ask you to write out your hearts desires, in different areas of your life. What kind of house do you want? What are you driving? Who are your future friends? What is your job title? How much money do you have in the bank? I call these the “froth” goals. They may seem to be the end desires and results that are the goals of your life, but they are not.

The three most important goals are global goals, and all of the “froth” goals are the end results of where your global goals point you. Just to be clear, a froth goal would be really nice deck chairs, on a luxury yacht, compared to the global goals of your heading and destination and why you want to get there. Getting there is half the fun, but not when you arrive someplace you didn’t ever want to go to!

GOAL #1 LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY. To end up in a place of true accomplishment and happiness, you must have a goal of personal and professional integrity. If your “froth” goal is one of great wealth, I can tell you that if you pursue that goal without the guiding goal of personal and professional integrity, it will not bring you happiness. Check over you goals and make sure that none of your goals would involve cheating or hurting others to get what you want.

GOAL #2 DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY. In my early goal setting sessions, I wrote down all sorts of goals that the world had told me were “impressive.” There was only one big problem, they were not MY goals.
Until you work out what God has called you to do in life, you will swim against that current as hard as you can, but you will never arrive where the universe needs you to be. You have an inner love, a preset internal goal that has always been with you. How many parents have “planned” what sort of children they will raise together, only to discover that they came into this world fully programmed with their personality and direction for life? Spend some quiet time looking over your written goals, but also look for the larger unwritten goal. What specific global goal do you want to be using your time on Earth working towards?

GOAL #3 CHOOSE YOUR LEGACY. The last goal that you must have clearly in your mind is the answer to this question: What will your legacy be? What will remain after you are dead and gone? The spark of immortality seems to be inside each of us, and the idea of death seems more like a concept, even though everything tells us we will die, we seem to disbelieve it. You think you are going to live forever, and so far so good, right?
Well, to truly have all your limited time put to its best use, you must stop and ponder this question of what you will leave behind. For some it will be healthy, well loved children, improved lives because you were involved, or an endowment for a specific charity that played a part in your life. I don’t mean for you to set some sort of goal to get your name chiseled in stone, I want you to think long and hard about what sort of ripple you desire to have made in the lives you touched along your path. 100 years from now, no one will care about your body fat percentage, or if you had the latest clothes. Pay it forward, and invest in something that will outlast you.

Once you have a firm set of the three most important goals in your life, you can enjoy the journey, and the nice deck chairs, knowing you are headed in your true direction.

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by Nate Truman
perfect life
“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no
recipe for living that suits all cases.” CARL JUNG, 1875 -1961

I agree with Carl, but I still want shoes! I wanted to address this issue right out of the box. I am not going to suggest that I have all the right answers that will help you to perfect your specific life issues. But I do firmly believe that there are distinctions that apply to everyone that can not only improve your life, and make you happier, but also will set you on a new course for a better today, and tomorrow.

So today I want you to try these three steps, and see if you can live this one day
not perfectly, but happily different!

STEP 1: ENGAGE the world! You may have heard this idea in a bit meaner way as “Snap out of it!” or “WAKE UP”! Do you find yourself constantly on “autopilot” throughout your day? What exactly are you waiting for, to engage your brain and total attention? A car crashing through your wall? The world is fascinating in every direction, but you have trained yourself to tune it out. So for the next week, notice something new around you as often as possible. Really look at the people and scenery on the way through your day. When you spend more time fully engaged and aware, new opportunities seem to start popping up! They were always there, but this is a first step in opening yourself up to receiving them.

STEP 2: SMILE. Look at yourself in the mirror, so you can remember how much better you look when you smile, and offer that face to everyone. Put up some sort of item next to your mirror where you will see it that makes you smile. Find a photo of a good friend, lover, a quote, or just a cute picture of something that tickles your funny bone. Smiles look best when they come from the inside out! Why do you smile when someone takes a photo? Try NOT smiling just once, and keep that photo as a reminder. Start a “collection” in your brain of moments and people who bring a smile to your face when you think about them, and when you realize your smile has faded, take a second to pull up a happy memory. Try that right now! I’ll wait.

STEP 3: LISTEN. The reason each of us develop the “autopilot” mode, is there is so much around us to see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and do, that we train ourselves to tune out most everything. Have you ever said a whole sentence to someone, face to face, and at the end they stare at you and then say “What?” So you repeat it all, and they hear it just fine? Do YOU do that to others? Listening is the ONLY way to learn something new. If you are planning what to say instead of listening, or worse, just waiting for the other person to stop talking, there is no chance you can learn from that person. I have never met someone that didn’t have something to teach me, but I had to listen, to find the lesson. So just today, focus on being aware of your universe, smile kindly at everyone, and when someone speaks, listen intently, and then ask them a specific question to see if you truly heard what they were saying. You may find you want to do all of these things more than just today!